Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Deed from the reign of George III

I like this item. It is the deed for a property in the next village, Evercreech, and is from the reign of George III.

Evercreech is quite a large village, with a lovely church, a Village Hall, a Junior School, a Co-Op, and a post office among other facilities. The previous owners acquired the deed when they bought the house, 1, High Street, Evercreech. Their solicitor gave them a big box full of documents relating to local properties. Apparently  by default they had all been filed with the documents for house number 1!

This document is actually an Indenture, so called because it was written in duplicate and the parts were separated by cutting an indented (as opposed to straight) line between them so that they can later be refitted to prove authenticity. It is handwritten in English on vellum and was ‘ made the Eleventh Day of December in the forty first year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third’. It has the two wax seals and the revenue and tax stamp on it. The bottom of the document is a double layer tied up at the corners with tiny strips of vellum, very sweet.