Thursday, 28 July 2011

Back to Blogdom.....With A Trip Down Diagon Alley.

Please welcome back Pylle Emporium who has returned to blog again.

The Emporium is in the midst of a transitory state. A course of circumstances concurring with a phenomenal amount of hard work and perseverance. The start of August will follow some downsizing. A course of action tinged with some sadness, however viewed as a positive step toward future growth of other kinds.

I've only spent a few days here at Pylle Emporium and it is not hard to see the passion that has gone into this place.  It is a haven of aesthetic wonderment. Surrounded by stunning objects that have served years of pleasure to the folk who pass them by. I have a favourite already -A Japy Freres clock. I noticed it early on, sitting there in all its ornate and fine time honoring reliability.  It has a gentle tick subtle, dainty like a fairy footstep. A four hourly chime, tinkling crisp yet enduring and discerning. It is a clock of such character. It is the kind of clock you would find while on a shopping trip in Diagon Alley. I can see it there in a window surrounded by wands and pendulums and other curious artifacts. It has a presence all of its own, one that is quite in keeping with the air of Pylle Emporium. One of intricacy, resonance and the charm of making discoveries.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

                                                                      Diagon Alley

One of my first agendas while I’m here,  is to keep the Blog up to date, with news, interesting trivia and  plenty of pictures. Beginning here, with the taking heed of the old saying …and twisting it slightly.. ‘Out with the old…and in with the…old!’ We've taken a look at some bits and pieces that need to move now, to make space for new prospects and new ventures.

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