Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Emporium has recently acquired many interesting glass items to sell. This started off with a couple, who were downsizing, bringing in their collection of cut glass crystal decanters. This inspired me to collect our other decanters together for a photograph. The decanters range from an onion shaped etched glass decanter for £15 to a cut glass one with a silver collar by Garrad and Co for £195.

St Louis Glasses

Then Tony found a large number of Saint Louis crystal glasses, forty five altogether, ranging from champagne glasses down to liquor glasses. Saint Louis make wonderful glassware and is the oldest glass manufacturer in France, it is now owned by Hermes International.  The pattern is called STL16 and is very pretty.

A local lady brought in a collection of Swarovski crystal figurines. Those of you who collect these will already be familiar with the wonderful details in the design of the figurines. I think my favourite is the pair of Kingfishers.

Finally, a selection of blue glassware came in at the weekend. The dealer selling these is our friend with all the Chinese items, he must have extended his interests.